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By Kenneth E Hagin

Paperback 1986 30p. Vol.2 8.50x5.50x0.15 e-book approximately Demons, Jesus and Spirit

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Sure enough, that is what happened. When the attack was over, her mind was all right. Since the woman was only on furlough, she had to go back to the institution. But later she was pronounced well and dismissed. I don't believe that this Full Gospel minister had a devil in her spirit. I do believe, though, that at a time in her life when she was nervous and unstable, she yielded to an evil spirit and it got into her soul — into the realm of emotion. It took over her mind and worked through her body.

When a demon does find embodiment in a man, it makes that man what it is. The Word of God tells us in Mark 5 that when Jesus crossed over the Sea of Galilee to the country of the Gadarenes, a man possessed with an unclean spirit came out of a tomb. He also had a legion of demons. This unclean spirit caused the man to become unclean. It caused him to tear off his clothes, wander around naked, and cut himself with stones. This is an illustration, no doubt, of an evil spirit in connection with the sexual appetite of man.

During that time a demon had gotten into the emotional part of her makeup. She either consciously or unconsciously yielded to that thing. She began to worry and brood and became emotionally upset. In May 1943, she was brought to our parsonage. We were introduced to her and immediately she began to quote Scriptures. They started running out of her mouth like water. I didn't know what to do. I said anyone who knew Scriptures like that must really know God. " She said she couldn't be saved because she had committed the unpardonable sin.

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