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Armed Robbers Talking Motives "You are sitting there alone and you feeling light in your pocket, your rent is due, light and gas bill, you got these bill collectors sending you letters all the time, and you say, 'I wish I had some money. ' Those are the haints. ] Your mind starts tripping cause you ain't got no money and the wolves are at the door... [After my last stickup] I gave my landlord some money and sent a little money off to the electric company, a little bit off to the gas company. I still had like twenty or thirty dollars in my pocket.

The removal of a parking lot attendant, for example, if a parking lot has 15 car break-ins during a example, allows people to loiter in the parking area. This year, and the lot contains 150 spaces and operates at results in an increase in thefts from vehicles. 1. This example of an abrupt change in place management. translates to 10 break-ins per space per year. Note that Sometimes place management erodes slowly over time, this analysis is only useful if the lot is operating near leading to problem growth.

The recurring events must have something in common. They may be committed by the same person, happen to the same type of victim, occur in the same types of locations, take place in similar circumstances, involve the same type of weapon, or have one or more other factors in common. Without common features, you have an arbitrary collection of events, not a problem. Common crime classifications - such as used by the Uniform Crime Reports - are not helpful. Vehicle theft, for example, includes joyriding, thefts for chop shops, thefts for export to other countries, thefts for use in other crimes, and a host of other dissimilar events.

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