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By Steven A. Guttenberg

Content material:
Chapter 1 what's attractiveness? (pages 1–4): Steven A. Guttenberg
Chapter 2 Smile layout and Veneers (pages 5–18): Peter Rinaldi
Chapter three optimum Use of Dental Implants for Cosmesis: growing Aesthetic results with Dental Implant Restorations (pages 19–36): Neil L. Starr
Chapter four Aesthetic judgements in grownup Orthodontics (pages 37–45): Wayne Hickory and Rohit Sachdeva
Chapter five Optimizing Dental Implant Aesthetics (pages 46–58): Joel Rosenlicht and James Ward
Chapter 6 Lip and Perioral plastic surgery (pages 59–81): Jon Perenack
Chapter 7 Injectable Fillers for beauty Facial Enhancement (pages 82–93): Bruce N. Epker
Chapter eight Aesthetic Facial Implants (pages 94–114): William J. Binder
Chapter nine Neuromuscular Blockers (pages 115–130): Paul G. Ruff
Chapter 10 dermis Rejuvenation (pages 131–151): Suzan Obagi and Shauna Kranendonk
Chapter eleven Scar Revision (pages 152–172): Saif S. Al?Bustani and R. Bryan Bell
Chapter 12 Liposuction (pages 173–180): Douglas M. Monasebian
Chapter thirteen beauty Blepharoplasty (pages 181–202): Lauren Gavaris and Paul Gavaris
Chapter 14 forehead Lifting (pages 203–215): Matthew R. Hlavacek and Steven J. Prstojevich
Chapter 15 beauty Rhinoplasty (pages 216–235): Leonard Spector
Chapter sixteen Otoplasty: Surgical Correction of the favorite Ear (pages 236–249): Todd G. Owsley
Chapter 17 Rhytidoplasty (pages 250–270): Robert A. Strauss and Kevin P. Bond
Chapter 18 Short?Scar Face?Lift techniques (pages 271–286): Steven B. Hopping
Chapter 19 Aesthetic advantages of Orthognathic surgical procedure (pages 287–307): Charles Dennis Hasse
Chapter 20 Minimally Invasive Orthognathic and Condylar surgical procedure (pages 308–317): Carl Bouchard, Matthew Lawler, Leonard B. Kaban and Maria J. Troulis
Chapter 21 Hair Transplantation (pages 318–323): Marc R. Avram and Nicole E. Rogers

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Complete soft tissue fill occurred only when the distance from bone crest to contact point was less than 4 mm. 30 compared the height of the interimplant papilla utilizing Branemark endosseous implants and Astra Tech endosseous implants. 1 mm irrespective of the implant system. Future studies may reveal that papillae may be preserved to a greater height predictably. However, for now, the 3-mm rule should still apply; that is, when implants are placed at least 3 mm apart, the crestal bone height should be maintained and the soft tissue papilla from the interproximal bone crest to the contact point will generally not exceed 3–4 mm in height.

44. Boticelli D. Healing of Marginal Defects Around Implants. Thesis. Gothenburg University, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2006. 45. Kahnberg KE. Immediate implant placement in fresh extraction sockets: a clinical report. Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants 2009; 24(2):282–8. 46. Jung RE, Sailer I, Hammerle CH, Attin T, Schmidlin P. In vitro color changes of soft tissue caused by restorative materials. Int J Periodontics Restorative Dent 2007;27(3):251–7. 47. Chang M, Weinstrom JL, Odman P, Anderson B. Implant supported single-tooth replacements compared to contralateral natu­ ral teeth—crown and soft tissue dimensions.

J Periodontol 2003;74:1785–8. 29. Gastaldo JF, Cury PR, Sendyk WR. Effect of the vertical and horizontal distances between adjacent implants and between a tooth and an implant on the incidence of interproximal papilla. J Periodontol 2004;75:1242–6. 30. Lee D-W, Park K-H, Moon I-S. Dimension of interproximal soft tissue between adjacent implants in two distinctive implant systems. J Periodontol 2006;77:1080–4. 31. Pietrokovski J, Massler M. Alveolar ridge resorption following tooth extraction. J Prosthet Dent 1967;17:21–7.

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