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By pouring pot after pot of coffee, or other caffeine laden beverage into your system, you’re telling your body that it’s all right to sweat because you need to boost your metabolism. So stay away from the coffee! Go bare! No, I don’t mean for you to go in your birthday suit. If Mother Nature intended us to go around in our altogether she most definitely would not have provided us with cotton bushes, silk worms, lambs, and a naturally inquisitive and inventive mind. So, no, I’m not asking you to join a nudist’s colony.

Wear newly laundered clothes as often as possible. 54 DPOUSPM! ZPVS! OBUVSBMMZ DPOUSPM! ZPVS! OBUVSBMMZ 55 Regularly wash your clothes This should really go without saying, but how many of us have dredged out something that was only marginally unclean from our washing baskets when we forgot to do the washing for the week? I won’t even bother to count the show of hands because it would really be too time-consuming. Not too many of us are willing to admit this shortcoming to anyone, so not too many people will come right out and say it, but it does happen, and it is a fact of life.

Giving up not only alcohol but cigarettes as well, can help especially if are in the habit of taking both far in excess of what is good for you. In fact you don’t need to give up alcohol or smoking entirely, but if you can find it within you to cut down on excessive amounts of either, you will go a long way towards helping yourself. And it’s not only that, things like caffeine rich beverages and products can also have an adverse reaction on you and may cause you to sweat. To learn more on this subject you might want to check out the section I’ve marked separately for this called, “Alcohol, Coffee, and Smoking”.

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