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Das Buch liefert die Grundlagen für den Vorentwurf von Flugregelungssystemen. Der systematische Aufbau führt Leser von einfachen Strukturen für Dämpfer, Autostabilisatoren und Lageregler hin zu komplexen Gesamtsystemen (Automatic Flight keep an eye on System).

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The rotor is carefully balanced, the maximum out-of-balance being lo-' kg m. In previous applications the turbo-charger has been run successfully at 35 OOO rev/min and 55 OOO rev/min. Calculate the amplitude of the deflection of the mid-point of the shaft, and its phase with respect to the out-of-balance excitation when it is running at these speeds. In a new application it was proposed to run the turbo-charger at 45 OOO rev/min. Comment on the implications of this proposal. 1 m. 71 x lo6 N/m. The effective mass, me,, of the system can be taken to be the mass of the rotor plus one half of the mass of the shaft.

134. 579 mm. ~ Example 11 A gun is designed so that when fired the barrel recoils against a spring. At the end of the recoil a viscous damper is engaged which allows the barrel to return to its equilibrium position in the minimum time without overshoot. 6 m. 46 The vibrations of systems having one degree of freedom [Ch. 1 m from its initial position. 62 = i500(30)2, that is k = 175 kN/m. Since critical damping is required, the damping coefficient is 2J(500 x 175 x lo3) = 18700 Ns/m. For critical damping x =(A If x + Bt)e-"' = xo and i= 0 x = xo(1 at t = 0, + wt)e-"?

Since the viscous damping force c i is dependent on the frequency of oscillation, it is not a suitable way of modelling the internal damping of solids and structures. t + k x = 0. However, it has been observed from experiments carried out on many materials and structures that under harmonic forcing the stress leads the strain by a constant angle, 2. Thus for an harmonic strain, E = E~ sin vt, where v is the forcing frequency, the induced stress is G = o0 sin (vt + z). Hence G = oo cos 2 sin vt + G~ sin x cos vt 42 The vibrations of systems having one degree of freedom cos = a.

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