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Those notes include an exposition of the idea of minimum surfaces with out boundary. There have been many fascinating contemporary advancements in the learn of minimum surfaces in quite a few Riemannian manifolds and soment a few of those fabrics offered from a constant point of view. major instruments used are the strategy of relocating frames and the conception of compact Riemann surfaces.

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Proposition. Let f: M ..... 1R3 be a conformal minimal immersion and also let {p" tp} be its Weierstrass representative. Then (30) where tp 11": = 11"0~~, S2 C 1R3 ..... ( U {co} is the stereographic projection and ~~: M ..... , ~~(z) = the unit normal vector perpendicular to f*(Tz(M)). §4. Algebraic Gauss Maps Digression. U(n) acts transitively on (pn-I as follows: Take v E (n\ {O} and let [v] E (pn-I denote the complex line through 0 and v. [v] = [Av]. The isotropy subgroup at t[l, 0, ... , 0] is U(l) x U(n-l) and (pn-I becomes a homogeneous space U(n)jU(I)xU(n-I).

V) Let M = (, cp(z) = z + ~, p,(z) = z2dz. Then the Gauss map of the resulting complete minimal surface is surjective. The following question is open: does there exist a complete conformal minimal immersion M --+ 1R3 with finite total curvature whose Gauss map misses three points? Chern [Cher2] (also Osserman [04]) gave a Bernstein type result for complete minimal surfaces in IRn : conformal minimal immersion. Let f. M --+ IRn be a complete nonplanar Then the subset of (,PI-I* (the space of hyperplanes in (,PI-I) meeting with ~(M) c (,PI-I is dense.

Also ds 2 = e*((n~)2 + ... + (n~)2) = (w1)2 + (w2)2 and (wI, w2) form a (local) orthonormal coframe on M. Index Convention. 0 5 a,/3,1 5 n, 1 5 i,j,k 5 2, 3 5 a,b,c 5 n.

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