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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome “ Symptoms of CFS vary widely from person to person and may be serious or mild. Most symptoms cannot be seen by others, which makes it hard for friends, family members, and the public to understand the challenges a person with CFS faces. ” —National Women’s Health Information Center, “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Frequently Asked Questions,” September 22, 2009. gov. The National Women’s Health Information Center is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of all women and girls in the United States.

Falk is a journalist and author who suffered from CFS for more than three years before he told anyone about his illness. “ Studies of CFS have documented abnormalities in the immune, endocrine, autonomic nervous and central nervous systems. ” —CFIDS Association of America, “Fiscal Year 2011 Appropriations Requests: Department of Defense,” 2010. org. The CFIDS Association of America is a charitable organization dedicated to ending the pain, suffering, and disability caused by CFS. “ Studies suggest that CFS may be caused by inflammation along the nervous system, and that this inflammation may be some sort of immune response or process.

Left him completely exhausted, and it was obvious to others that he was not thinking clearly. After seeing several doctors, Salomaa was diagnosed with CFS and was told that he had one of the worst cases they had ever seen. Because he was so sick, he could not continue working and had no choice but to quit his job. When Kids Are Hurting Even though young people suffer from CFS, the illness is much more common among adults. Because of that, few studies have focused on children and adolescents. The University of Maryland Medical Center writes: “Although children with symptoms of chronic fatigue have not been as rigorously studied as adults, limited evidence suggests that CFS can be significantly disabling in young Even though people.

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