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Eating carbs at night sounds like a horrible idea. With normal diet and lifestyle—which includes overeating—I agree, eating carbs at night is a bad idea. But if you're reading this book, you're not normal. We may not be able to control the daily rhythm of insulin sensitivity, but we can things that will allow us to use the nighttime insulin resistance to our advantage. Carb Back-Loading Chapter 12 Exercise a Little Control It probably sounds as though insulin sensitivity lies beyond our control.

48 Section III: Mortar The preceding section allows me to now explain how the pieces of Carb Back-Loading fit together to create a plan in which fat loss and muscle growth happen simultaneously, the Holy Grail of dieting. Now it's time to drop all the pieces into place.

This may include skipping breakfast. 2. Keep carbs at an absolute minimum throughout the day until training. 3. Train in the afternoon, at around 5pm or so. 4. Start ingesting carbs after your training session, up to 30 minutes later. 5. Continue eating carbs throughout the night. g. growing muscle while losing fat. 22 Section I: Introduction Carb Back-Loading Section II BRICKS 24 Section II: Bricks Carb Back-Loading Chapter 6 Controversy Carbs cause controversy. While the health experts and celebrity doctors battle over whether humans need carbs to survive—we don't—the more performance minded nutrition experts ponder an intelligent question: how best can we use carbs to achieve various goals?

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