Management Science

Download Work Organization and Human Resource Management by Carolina Machado, J. Paulo Davim (eds.) PDF

By Carolina Machado, J. Paulo Davim (eds.) This publication offers aid to teachers in addition to managers, who take care of [...]

Download A Risk-Benefit Perspective on Early Customer Integration by Christoph Kausch PDF

By Christoph Kausch Customer integration within the early innovation section has been thought of the tactic of selection in [...]

Download Financial Engineering by John R. Birge and Vadim Linetsky (Eds.) PDF

By John R. Birge and Vadim Linetsky (Eds.) The awesome development of economic markets during the last a long time has been [...]

Download Nanotechnology commercialization by Takuya Tsuzuki PDF

By Takuya Tsuzuki In phrases of commercialization, nanomaterials occupy a special position in nanotechnology. Engineered [...]

Download Customer-Equity-Management in einem dynamischen by Alexander Breusch, Prof. Dr. Christoph Burmann PDF

By Alexander Breusch, Prof. Dr. Christoph Burmann Alexander Breusch entwickelt ein erweitertes Customer-Equity-Modell, das [...]

Download The Paradoxical Foundation of Strategic Management by Andreas Rasche PDF

By Andreas Rasche This ebook bargains a scientific critique of the clinical discourse of strategic administration. It [...]

Download Die Principal-Agent-Theorie aus informationsökonomischer by Stefan Kiener PDF

By Stefan Kiener Im Rahmen der Institutionellen Mikroökonomie hat die Agency-Theorie in jüngster Zeit einen hohen [...]

Download Familienunternehmen: Theoretische und empirische Grundlagen by Sabine Klein PDF

By Sabine Klein Obwohl es sich bei der Mehrzahl der deutschen Unternehmen um Familienunternehmen handelt, hat sich die [...]

Download Healthcare, Insurance, and You: The Savvy Consumer’s Guide by Lisa Zamosky PDF

By Lisa Zamosky Healthcare is altering and also you want to know how—and what to do approximately it. Getting stable [...]

Download Innovationsmarketing für technologieorientierte kleine und by Oliver Hagemann PDF

By Oliver Hagemann Die Vermarktung von Innovationen stellt für technologieorientierte kleine und mittlere Unternehmen (KMU) [...]