Download The European Banking Union: A Critical Assessment by Angelo Baglioni (auth.) PDF

By Angelo Baglioni (auth.) Why did eu policy-makers introduce the Banking Union? that are its major positive factors? How [...]

Download Curbing the Boom-Bust Cycle: Stabilizing Capital Flows to by John Williamson PDF

By John Williamson For the previous 3 a long time, a boom-bust cycle in capital flows has many times plunged into main issue [...]

Download The Rise of China and Structural Changes in Korea and Asia by Takatoshi Ito, Chin Hee Hahn PDF

By Takatoshi Ito, Chin Hee Hahn This publication brings jointly stories performed via researchers in East Asian nations who [...]

Download Economic Impacts of Intelligent Transportation Systems, by E Bekiaris, Y J Nakanishi PDF

By E Bekiaris, Y J Nakanishi There are designated complexities linked to the commercial valuation of clever Transportation [...]

Download Capital Flows and Foreign Direct Investments in Emerging by S. Motamen-Samadian PDF

By S. Motamen-Samadian This e-book offers the newest findings at the impression of capital flows and international direct [...]

Download Modern Principles: Macroeconomics by Tyler Cowen, Alex Tabarrok PDF

By Tyler Cowen, Alex Tabarrok In a global packed with economics blogs, Cowen and Tabarrok’s Marginal Revolution [...]

Download Full Employment Abandoned: Shifting Sands and Policy by William Mitchell PDF

By William Mitchell The authors' rivalry during this publication is that a lot of the blame for labour under-utilisation [...]

Download Productivity growth, inflation, and unemployment by Robert J. Gordon PDF

By Robert J. Gordon Seventeen essays contain 3 formerly unpublished works and provide sharply etched perspectives at the [...]

Download Tax Justice and the Political Economy of Global Capitalism, by Jeremy Leaman, Attiya Waris PDF

By Jeremy Leaman, Attiya Waris Tax "justice" has turn into an more and more principal factor of political debate in lots of [...]

Download Neoliberalism in Crisis by Henk Overbeek, Bastiaan van Apeldoorn, B. van Apeldoorn PDF

By Henk Overbeek, Bastiaan van Apeldoorn, B. van Apeldoorn The authors interrogate the situation of the neoliberal venture [...]