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Any religious innovation that seriously antagonises social code of the Caste is not and likely to ba tolerated by ths Caste, and the recalcitrant members of a Caste are in danger of being thrown out of the Caste, and left to their own fate without having the alternative of bdng admitted into or absorbed by other castes. Caste rales are inexorable and they do not wait to make 30 nice distinctions between kinds of offence. be of any kind, but Innovation may kinds will suffer the same penalty. novel way of thinking will create a new Caste for the old ones will not tolerate it.

Castes have no mercy for a sinner who has the courage to violate The penalty the code. a new caste. It is is excommunication and the result not peculiar Hindu psychology is that induces the excommunicated to form themselves into a caste far from it. On ; often they have been the contrary, very quite willing to be humble members of some caste (higher by But preference) if they could be admitted within its fold. castes are enclosed units and themselves into a caste. cumstance that is merciless, and The it some unfortunate groups is it their conspiracy with excommunicated to make clear conscience that compels the logic is find in of this obdurate obedience to its cir- force themselves enclosed, be- cause others in enclosing, themselves have closed them out, with the result that new groups (formed on any basis obnoxious to the caste rules) by a mechanical law are constantly being converted into castes This is told the second tale multiplicity.

Jews, Christians and wit, the Parsis. Hindus, the rest within themselves are ties. if the Hindus, Now, barring the non-caste communi- But with respect to each other they are castes. four enclose first closed out, group A themselves, but are indirectly closed Muham- Again, the Parsis are directly in. Symbolically if wants to be endogamous, group B has to be so by sheer force of circumstances. Now apply the same logic to the Hindu Society and you have another explanation of the 'fissiparious' character of caste, as a consequence of the virtue of self-duplication that is inherent h the ethical, it.

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