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Functionentheorie: eine Einfuehrung

Die Funktionentheorie behandelt die research einer komplexen Ver? nderlichen. Dieses Buch, geschrieben im bekannten J? nich-Stil, bietet f? r Studenten im Grundstudium eine straffe und kompakte, dabei stets mathematisch pr? zise erste Einf? hrung. Ausgehend vom Cauchyschen Integralsatz wird der Leser an die grundlegenden Begriffe und S?

Partial regularity for harmonic maps and related problems

The publication provides a set of effects bearing on the partial regularity of options to varied variational difficulties, all of that are hooked up to the Dirichlet strength of maps among Riemannian manifolds, and therefore regarding the harmonic map challenge. the subjects lined comprise harmonic maps and generalized harmonic maps; yes perturbed types of the harmonic map equation; the harmonic map warmth move; and the Landau-Lifshitz (or Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert) equation.

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Z] ZEUNER, H. [1992] Moment functions and laws of large numbers on hypergroups. Math. Zeitschrift 211, p. 369-407. Universite de Brest, Departement de Mathematiques, 6 Avenue Le Gorgeu BP 809 29285 BREST - FRANCE. From September 1st 1996: Universite de Tours, Departement de Mathematiques, Faculte des Sciences et Techniques, Parc de Grandmont 37200 TOURS - FRANCE About Some Random Fourier Series and Multipliers Theorems on Compact Commutative Hypergroups Marc-Olivier Gebuhrer Abstract The character theory of compact commutative hypergroups is yet far from being weIl understood; as this paper shows, the behaviour of the Plancherel measure is related to some deeper harmonie analysis involving notably Sidon sets.

Remark 4. We may replace 1 - Izl2 by 1 - Izl in the above result because the ratio of the two terms is bounded above and below on D. We are now ready to construct our example. Fix 0:, ß > 0 (to be determined later) and define the function w( ()) on ßD by ()a w(())= { if 0 < () < 1/2 (1_1()1 2ß)1/2 if-1/2<()<0; 1/ v'2 otherwise. Clearly w belongs to LOO and log w is integrable. We therefore may define b to be the out er function in Hoo with Ib(()) 1= w(()). It is easy to check that 10g(1 - IW) is integrable, so by the previously mentioned theorem of de Leeuw and Rudin, b is not an extreme point of the unit ball of Hoo.

Sarason When b is in the unit ball of Hoo but not an extreme point, a theorem of K. de Leeuw and W. 16, p. 343]. We take a to be out er and positive at the origin; this defines a uniquely. The space M(ä) is defined to be the range of Ta on H 2 ; as with H(b), we make M(ä) into a Hilbert space by giving it the range norm IITa11IM(a) = 111112. ) It turns out that every multiplier of H(b) belongs to M(ä) and that the space M(ä) n H OO is the auxiliary space analogous to the space KOO (p) mentioned above.

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