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By Tito Lopes, Nick Spirtos, Raj Naik, John M. Monaghan

Company favorite for gynaecological surgical perform for the reason that 1911, greatly revised via prime gynaecological surgeonsProviding details on reconstructive surgical procedure, anaesthesia, details expertise and audit, issues and qualityFocusing at the most typically played methods with emphasis on evidence-based determination making and the expanding use of laparoscopy in diagnostic and surgeries

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Hand-held retractors • The Morris retractor has a lip which aids the elevation of the wound edge. The shallower blade of the retractor is less likely to endanger the delicate internal structures, as may occur with deeper retractors. • The Cushing vessel retractor is an ideal retractor for displacing the iliac vessels during pelvic lymphadenectomy. Sutures Suture materials It is important to understand that there is no ideal, universal, suture material. The purpose of a suture material is to hold tissue in apposition until such time that the tissues have achieved enough tensile strength to maintain the apposition.

W3664 – Ethicon poliglecaprone 25 (Monocryl) 3/0 gauge; 70 cm long with a 26 mm 1/2 circle JB Visi-black taper point plus needle. Suture techniques In previous editions of this book, a large variety of suture techniques were shown. The current editors have selected those that are of most value to the gynaecologist and, where possible, retained some of Bonney’s original drawings. Interrupted sutures Interrupted sutures use a number of strands to close the wound, with each strand tied and cut separately.

15(1–4). The instrument tie This elegant method of tying is shown in Fig. 15(5,6). It is particularly useful when there is only a short piece of suture material available. Knot tying in deep holes It has been recommended that the lasso technique be used when a bleeding point occurs in a deep or inaccessible spot. The editors would instead recommend the use of a long, angled clamp such as the Meigs– Navratil. This type of clamp, which has the attributes of gallbladder forceps, will allow the tie to be hooked around either the heel or the tip of the clamp so that it is firmly held while the knot is being made (Fig.

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