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By Eunice Lawton

Physique language can account for 70% of the message humans provide out. aimed toward first line administration, this e-book examines uncomplicated physique language, the effect that physique language may have at paintings, and the way we have to make sure that we're giving out the precise non-verbal messages in numerous administration occasions. useful suggestions are supplied on the way to increase conversation and interplay by utilizing acceptable physique language.

  • Aids self improvement, photograph and the knowledge of others
  • Improves functionality at work

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Eye movement How you make eye contact is very important when interacting with others as it can be used in either a positive or negative manner. If we cannot see someone’s eyes, for example, if they are wearing sunglasses, we find this unsettling as without being able to look into someone’s eyes, we are never sure of their intentions and cannot judge their 21 Body Language and the First Line Manager reactions. Eye contact forms a major part of non-verbal communication. How we gaze at people’s faces can also have different meaning and effect on them.

This goes back to medieval days when open palms indicated that a person had no weapons. Today they generally indicate that a person has nothing to hide. Negative hand movements include: hand wringing can show worry or a lack of selfconfidence; fidgeting takes place when people are nervous or worried; playing with pens by doodling or drumming is a sign of inattention due to boredom; tapping fingers indicates agitation, anxiety and boredom; 19 Body Language and the First Line Manager hands in pockets can indicate feelings of uncertainty and suspicion; touching areas of the face or clothing suggests nervousness.

Positions within the team: You can become more aware of what is happening at team meetings by observing your 47 Body Language and the First Line Manager staff. Take notice of where staff sit and how they position themselves with each other. Usually people will sit in the same place, which can denote the pecking order within the team. Negative team behaviour: Look out for any negative body language which may suggest that staff are not happy within the team. This will include sitting far away from the others, with their bodies not directly facing the team and only speaking when spoken to.

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