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Electrical systems and equipment h. Flagstaffs i. Fuel tanks, piping, and fittings j. Horn k. Piping systems and hand bilge pumps l. Portable gratings or shutters, rails m. Propeller and associated parts, rudder n. 1) o. Slings p. Steering mechanism q. Towing posts r. Ventilation sets, electrical (gasoline engines only), and ventilator cowls. The types of items listed above are included in the invoice price of the boat. They will always be issued with and turned in with the boat to which it was originally fitted.

Equipment furnished with the boat, portable parts, are to be turned in to storage with the boat. When a boat is removed from a ship or station and is not replaced, all equipment furnished with the boat, items of outfit, and repair parts are to be turned in with the boat. 3 Shipborne Boats Received into Storage. All items of outfit and repair parts received with shipborne boats turned into storage shall be screened, and that portion found to be in usable condition shall be identified and taken up in Navy Stock Account.

The stars shall be of the size and spacing shown on Standard Boat Detail, Sheet 21 (C&R dwg 220598). b. The official abbreviated title of the command shall appear on the transom in gold leaf decal letters (for example, Surface Force, Atlantic (SURFLANT)). 2 Unit Commander. flag rank, shall be as follows: 583-42 The insignia on boats assigned for the personal use of unit commanders not of S9086-TX-STM-010/CH-583R3 a. Broad or burgee command pennants, as appropriate, shall be fitted on the bow, with the squadron or division numbers superimposed, together with chrome arrows according to Standard Boat Detail, Sheet 7 (C&R dwg 258943).

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