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By Hugh George Rawlinson

An very important Account of the Greek kingdom That governed the Hindu Kush for hundreds of years within the Wake of Alexander the Great
“If in the course of the Bactrian Empire eu principles have been transmitted to the some distance East, via that and comparable channels Asiatic rules discovered their technique to Europe.”—Intellectual improvement of Europe
Following the Macedonian invasion of Persian within the fourth century B.C., an self sufficient Greek-ruled empire emerged over a space encompassing glossy Afghanistan, japanese Iran, and northern Pakistan. This historical empire, known as Bactria, is recorded in texts, either Asian and eu, in addition to via cash, inscriptions, and architectural remnants. Bactria served as a touch aspect among Europe, South Asia, and the a long way East for greater than 2 hundred years prior to disappearing lower than the strain of a resurgent Persia to the west and Indian states to the east. In Bactria: The historical past of a Forgotten Empire, historian Hugh G. Rawlinson starts off with the early historical past of Bactria and its subjugation by way of Persia, after which describes the conquest of Iran by means of Alexander the nice and the institution of an self reliant Bactria governed by way of Greeks. The Bactrians followed Buddhism early on and helped identify the faith in the course of the quarter. the writer then follows the historical past of the empire via its rulers, together with Menander, till Greek rule used to be extinguished round one hundred thirty five B.C. eventually, the writer discusses the results of Greek profession at the area. in line with meticulous learn in historical texts from Greece, Persia, and India, and utilizing fabric proof of the time, this heritage, which received the Hare collage Prize at Cambridge in 1909, continues to be proper at the present time, offering a desirable portrait of a little-known connection among East and West.

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On 11 coin of Huvixlcx. Shc is Cunningl~nrn, Nnm : Chror~: TX. '295. 2 3 g y. ~ss:~gctm,Sh:rl~oXI, 8. 7. , Bactrian cavalry force was, perhaps, drawn eofely from their numbers. This is the state of this we should, by analogy, expect, and ils actual existexice is strongly hided a1 by some renlarkrtble words of Curlius. In describing one of the inauy outbreaks which rendered the reduction of Baclria aud Sogdia such a colossal task to Alexander, Curtins says :-" Alexander was again checked by news of from revolt in Sogdia, which llad spread over Bactria as well ............

1. Ch. 25, Noto I. Bury in his Greek History (following apparently Von S c h ~ : ~ z '"s Alexander {lea Grosson Pelzuge in1 Tnrkcstnn") Rays that Znrinspn and Bactra bore aomemhat t h e eame relation t o on0 nnothcr as tho Sogdian cities of Mnrncandn and Sogdinnn. Ho idcnticies Zrrriaspa with tho modern Chnrgui, on the Oxus, n porn1 deal to t h e N-W. of Bnctria. (p. ) CHAPTER 'IT. HE Bactrisu Empire mas founded by the Scythians, says Justin! This statement probably comes very near the truth ; for, by examining the scattered notices in Justin, Cnrtius, Arrian and Strabo2, we shall find there are ample traces of a non-Aryan helot population existing in Ractria up to the time of Alexander; it woulcl appear highly probable that we aro here presented with a coudition of things quite siuilar to that which obtained in ancient Sparta or early Norman Englauci, unless an even closer p a r d e l is to be found in the oligarchies of ancient Thessal~.

It i s curious to note that two corninpi? l>sol the present d;ry s e e m to have had ;I Bactri:~n o u p n . spe:~lringof Alexander to Uessus, #aid:-''His bark is worse thnn his bite ; it is the still water which deop ". ) - Q. Crutius, VI1. 4. 1 2 m e a180 led to consider that Baclria wag the c r d e of the Zoroaslrian creed by another fact: the purelor more extreme forms 01 the practices which Znratlmsl~traproscribed never seem to have spread Further than Bactrizt, except among [(he Ma'gi. T h e Persians buried h e i r clead, first cmbsllming them mld covering tlieln with a coat of wax t;o prevellt contact with the sacred element, Earth1.

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