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By P. de Vernejoul

PrHace Voici enfin l'Atlas de scintigraphie cardiaque, clair, demon­ This Atlas zero/ cardiac scintigraphy - basically offered and stratif, understandable et que nous attendions tous, automobile­ effortless to appreciate - has lengthy been awaited through all scientific diologues c1iniciens. cardiologists. Il n'etait certainement pas necessaire d'etre grand clerc on the time whilst the 1st hesitating steps have been being taken pour prevoir, lors des premiers balbutiements de cette during this box, one didn't have to be a professional to foresee methode, los angeles rapide significance qu'elle prendrait; beau­ how very important those assessments might quickly turn into. It was once coup plus difficile etait, sans nul doute, de penetrer dans ce definitely more challenging to penetrate into the decide on cenacle de physiciens, de les suivre, meme de loin, dans le global ofthis crew ofphysicians, to stick with, evenfrom a protracted cheminement de leurs travaux, de participer lively­ distance, the growth oftheir paintings, to play an energetic half ment aleurs progres, d'avoir meme une comprehension of their etIorts or to appreciate essentially their preliminary effects claire de leurs premiers resultats: quelle etrange represen­ represented through this unusual, blurred, imprecise and poorly sys­ tation en etIet, floue, indecise, mal systematisee, des ditIe­ tematised snapshot ofthe ditIerent components ofuptake and of vehicle­ rents niveaux de fixation et de l. a. topographie cardiaque. diac anatomy.

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C: areas of distribution.

0: left coronary artery network in the 45° LAO view. IVA: artere interventriculaire anterieure Cx: artere circonfiexe MG: artere marginale gauche DVG: artere diagonale ventriculaire gauche IVP: artere interventriculaire posterieure RVG: artere retroventriculaire gauche MD: artere marginale droite VD: artere ventriculaire droite IVA: left anterior descending artery Cx: circumfiex artery MG: left marginal branch DVG: left ventricular diagonal branch IVP: posterior descending artery RVG: retroventricular branch MD : marginal artery VD: right ventricular artery A: II cx MG 'VA A B MD c o Planche I2 Plate I2 ClicM radiographique (incidence OAD 308), pris au decours de la coronarographie apres injection de microspheres marquees dans le tronc coronaire gauche.

I 111III 1 , I \ '," "I I I . ' I I/, I:, ". ', i \ ':/ ,',': :, \~I ' " ,\ ~ " , " I ,. ' 8 I \ • I (t :. I "~ I ,I " 'li r '. : I I, I,r I \ ", I ,', . , " I '. I \' , '. " A2 A1 B2 B1 C2 C1 . Planche 9 Plate 9 Scintigraphies cavitaires normales apres homogeneisation de l'indicateur radioactif dans l'ensemble de l'espace vasculaire (hematies marquees au 99mTc). Scintigraphy of normal cardiac cavities after complete mixing ofthe radionucIide within the intravascular space ( 99m Tc labelled red cells).

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