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By Robert Michulec

The militia of the Warsaw Pact, composed of the armies of 7 different international locations, deployed strongest floor forces within the background of twentieth century Europe. an important parts of the Warsaw Pact armies have been their armored forces. Assigned to struggle in western Europe, they have been less than the total keep an eye on of Soviet generals. From the top of the Forties, to the past due Nineteen Eighties while the Warsaw Pact disintegrated, their ostensible target used to be to defend the Communist bloc. yet their actual job was once to hold the conflict onto the territories of the neighboring NATO international locations. This was once the cause of their want for powerful armored forces.

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46 The camera is literally looking down the barrel of the 85mm gun - :)unted on the ASU-85 tank destroyer that leads this foliage-covered ==-; ade. lision, the only country other than the Soviet Union to use the ASU-85. 5 in - mm) thick), it carries variety of ammunition that is eHective against many :es of targets, and it is equipped with various night-vision systems. 7mm AA machine gun . Here is a good shot of the left side of a mobile rocket launcher with a Luna-l (NATO: FROG) tactical missile.

Shown here is a four-gun battery of Czechoslovak Danas. The massive turret that oCClf: almost 60% of the whole superstructure is clearly visible in ­ photo. 77 howitzer. 4 miles (20 with 0-20 howitzer shells, and . 5 km) using CzechosI and Soviet ML-20 shells. 50 - The vz. 4 m). It has a range of 372 miles (600 km), weighs a heavy 29 tons, nas a maximum speed of 50 mph (80 km/h). It has a crew of five. 1 R. : Is into formation. Only three of the Warsaw Pact nations ~ the 152mm Dana-Poland, Czechoslovakia, and the .

7mm heavy AA machine gun, but only a few of the Czechoslovak Army vehicles actually have one installed on their cab 's roof. The Luna-1 was quite a small rocket. : chassis that was larger than the rocket itset' they used the PT-76 chassis. These caI' gave good protection to its crews, but the roo was ineffective. They were replaced by a ~ ~ model of the Luna rocket, the Luna-2, s r: here. 56 . This is an East German version of -2ce at the rear of the vehicle makes it ile. When the Luna-2 was removed '= icles remaining in the Warsaw Pact '=" 'cles.

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