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Social Exclusion: Short and Long Term Causes and Consequences

The booklet offers a wide ranging method of social exclusion, with emphasis on structural explanations (education, well-being, injuries) and on brief time period explanations hooked up with the drawback which begun in 2008. the image rising, according to econometric research, is that the difficulty has widened the chance of social exclusion, from the structural teams, like disabled humans and previously convicted humans, to different teams, just like the younger, unemployed, low expert employees and immigrants, by way of source of revenue, poverty, healthiness, unemployment, transition among occupational statuses, participation, resulting in a widening of socio-economic duality.

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Half a minute later she again broke surface. Garry swung around--the forward 12-pounder and port [30] waist gun meanwhile firing and hitting--and rammed her again, tearing up her upper works. Thereupon she heeled over and sank. Garry sustained considerable damage, but by effective shoring up of decks and bulkheads made harbor. GERMAN SUBMARINE EXPLOSION. Source: British commander in chief, Mediterranean. 27 September, 1918. 9884 E. U-1-J. A squadron of French destroyers attacked an enemy submarine after she had sunk the S.

Eternal vigilance is the price of safety " at sea more so in these days of an active submarine enemy than ever before. 4. In order that the officer of the deck may act quickly in case of emergency it is vital that he receive prompt and accurate information of all objects sighted. 5. --The object sighted. Such as "periscope," "submarine," "sail," "porpoise," etc. " If, however, you can not distinguish what it is, so report it. The main idea is to give information to the officer of the deck quickly.

14 7. Wake again appeared 200 yards away. Ordered S. C. 258 to attack. No further result. Wake continued up sun's rays. Followed closely; ordered unit 10 to follow unit 6 and be prepared to attack. Unit 6 all out of depth charges except three on S. C. 41. 8. 23 had wake under 137; gave unit 10 fix based on direction and speed of wake and ordered them to attack. Unit 6 full speed to get clear. Attack carried out. Submarine had been gradually making shorter turns for some time. Appeared as though rudder damaged in first single boat attack by S.

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