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In other words, human beings live within the erotics of the symbol. One form of the Symbolic function is the human being's ca­ pacity for fantasy (Laplanche and Pontalis 1 9 73) . This capacity opens human sexuality into the realm of "the constitution of desire.

For instance , Lacan's articulation of the Symbolic Third, within his three interlocking registers of the Real, the Imaginary, and the Symbolic, describes factors observable in mother-infant relations. But it is equally important for its utility in organizing the subJ ective experience of the observation within the observer's own self. Lacan's ( 1 952-1953 , 1 9 73) , Harari's (200 1 ) , and Green's ( 1 999) differing thoughts on the relationship of affect and representation are useful, not only along the axis of the ob­ served affective development of the infant in the infant-mother matrix but also on the axis of the observer's lived experience , which at times leaves the observer struggling during, and after, an observation to give form to potent affective experiences.

Within the context of an ongoing observation, the observer may see, hear, feel, and viscerally respond to how an infant's biological instincts and strivings are transformed via the interventions of the mOther-a mOther who must symbolically interpret what the infant's needs are and how they are to be met, thereby essentially cutting the infant away from the original cloth of instinctual nature. A symbolic network and its associated mean­ ings preexist the infant in that the Symbolic exists in the mind of the mOther (and father) prior to birth, but at another level the infant must also come to simultaneously create and discover him-/herself within and through the Imaginary and Symbolic dimensions of representation.

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