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Semiconcave functions, Hamilton-Jacobi equations, and optimal control

Semiconcavity is a typical generalization of concavity that keeps many of the stable homes recognized in convex research, yet arises in a much wider variety of purposes. this article is the 1st complete exposition of the idea of semiconcave features, and of the function they play in optimum keep an eye on and Hamilton-Jacobi equations.

Vorlesungen ueber Differentialgleichungen mit bekannten infinitesimalen Transformationen

This booklet used to be digitized and reprinted from the collections of the college of California Libraries. It used to be made from electronic photos created during the libraries’ mass digitization efforts. The electronic photos have been wiped clean and ready for printing via computerized techniques. regardless of the cleansing strategy, occasional flaws should be current that have been a part of the unique paintings itself, or brought in the course of digitization.

Primer on Wavelets and Their Scientific Applications

Within the first version of his seminal advent to wavelets, James S. Walker trained us that the aptitude purposes for wavelets have been nearly limitless. due to the fact that that point millions of released papers have confirmed him real, whereas additionally necessitating the construction of a brand new variation of his bestselling primer.

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14 (1966) 255-265. E. N . Gilbert and H. 0. Pollak, “Seiner Minimal Trees,” SZAM J. Appl. Math. 16 (1968) 1-29. For an interesting account of the application of these ideas to the theory of evolution, see A . W . F. Edwards and L. L. Cavalli-Sforza, Reconstruction of Systematics Association Publication No. 6, London, 1964. 7. Evolutionary Trees, Two vertices of a graph are adjacent if they are end points of the same edge. A graph is called 2-chromatic if its vertices can be painted with 2 colors in such a way that no two adjacent vertices have the same color.

3. Suppose that the quantities a, first strictly decrease, then strictly increase as i = 1, 2, . . , n . Is there a more efficient way of finding rnin ai than by use of the step-by-step sequential procedure discussed Ili

This, in turn, allows us to treat questions of the foregoing type by quantitative means. See the Miscellaneous Exercises at the end of Chapter Eight. A few more examples from graph theory appear in the Exercises below, and many more applications will be encountered in the rest of the book. Exercises These exercises are designed to introduce the reader to additional problems and concepts of the theory of graphs. However, knowledge of these concepts will not be assumed in the rest of this book. These pages may be safely skipped in a first reading.

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