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By F. B. Pinion

This dictionary presents motives of references and phrases used with infrequent meanings, assets of quotations and allusions, identifications of fictional areas and folks, significant symbols and demanding impacts with serious reviews on all Hardy's novels, brief tales and poetry.

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Back-hair, hair at the back of the head. ), tobacco. The Bad Example (WW). As you, As ifyou;Meleager, poet of ancient Greece, remembered by his anthology of epigrams. xii), a prominent hill near the WimborneBlandford road, with prehistoric concentric ramparts. ), bawdy, improper, wicked. Bagehot, Walter (1826-77), an economist much of whose Literary Studies (1878) Hardy had read seriatim in The National Review (cf. Life 33/37). A Philosophical Fantasy. bagman, commercial traveller. ), bayonet, stab.

Viii), to which ordinary people are reduced in the philosophical scale; cf. v, where such creatures wallowing in mud are associated with winged ephemerons, Clym 'being of no more account in life than an insect'; cf. also the end of IV. vi, flies in TD (especially xvi), and gnats. Anna, Lady Baxby (GND7), a story of the Civil War. Her brother was the Earl of Bedford. See Baxby. An Anniversary (MV). The 'stile' recalls Hardy's bitterness in April 1871, when he read a crushing review of his first published novel (Life 84/87,507), though this may not relate to the anniversary.

Xvi and Life 213/222), Browning, Paracelsus i, 92. iii). Marked 'For the fairest' and thrown into the assembly of the gods by the malevolent goddess Discordia, it created rivalry and dissension between Juno, Minerva, and Venus, thereby ultimately bringing ruin to Troy and much sorrow to the Greeks. apples, christening of. See St Swithin. 1), from 'Rosalynde' (G. ), 'Rosalind's Description' in Thomas Lodge's Rosalynde, 1590. Aquae Sulis (SC). The title is the name given by the Romans to the hot springs which made Bath a spa for centuries; literally, the waters of Sui, an ancient British goddess.

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